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Najlepsi fotografowie ślubni z całego świata na MyWed

Who are we?

Magda and Julita - together we've created a new brand. We're passionate about photography which, many years ago, became our way of life.

We've been friends for a long time, but it's not the photography that brought us together.

Our paths crossed at the very beggining of our studies and since then, which is now over 11 years ago, we've stayed in contact and we have been through significant moments in our lives together .

Over these years we've both been connected to photography and have now both left our corporate jobs and decided to live our lives on our own terms, which see us commiting ourselves 100% to our photography.

Now, enriched with experience, we've decided to join forces. At the beginning of 2016 the "Save a Dream" team was launched.

We love catching moments - genuine raw emotions, naturalness, beauty - it's what inspires us the most!

Both of us have interesting professional achievements and interesting stories to tell:

Magda - I have shot photos for various marketing and advertising campaigns, fashion photography sessions for well-known labels, as well as product, image and corporate photo sessions. In my portfolio you will find a variety of famous actors (Bruce Willis among others), musicians, sportsmen and television journalists. I also specialise in amazing wedding photography. An incredible covering of a childbirth was one of my most exciting experiences. Something definitely worth repeating if I could!In my private life I am fascinated with health and fitness and because of which I won my Fitness Motivator 2015 award.

Julita - work as a press photographer, I specialise in portaits and photo-journalism. Thanks to my amazing job, I have the pleasure of conducting photo shoots with leading Polish politicians, actors and musicians. In my portfolio you will find an amazing session with the President of Poland. I document the most important political and social events and I am one of the few female photo-journalists in Poland. You can easilly find my shoots in various opinion-forming newspapers and on the internet.Like Magda, I also like doing pregnancy shoots and photo sessions with newborns. Before I started working as a photographer taking shots of strikes and protests, I used to work as an administrative director.

Having this wide scope of work and life experience, we really appreciate working for you, helping to capture important moments in your lives. 

We both hold family, wedding, pregnancy, child, portait (both private and corporate), fashion, and nude photo sessions and more besides.

We also run photography and photo editing courses for people who want to begin their journey in the photography world.

We invite you to our modern, comfortable studio located in Raszyn, less then 20 minutes from the city centre.

We are also open to working with other studios.

With the Save a Dream team the possibilities are endless!